Essentials for safe winter training.

Wrap-up, light-up! This is an extension to my recent article on ‘Off-Season tips to 2017 success‘ in which I explained how winter training needs to compliment your training in the competitive season. To ensure this process is effective training safely during the winter is a crucial factor.

I have put together seven winter essentials for your off-season/winter training to ensure you are warm, comfortable and safe.

Light-up: While training during the dark mornings and nights, there’s nothing quite so frustrating as a dim light! Be creative with your Christmas wish list, and go for something with mega lumen! There are a range of lights on the market that really illuminate the path/road. I recommend the Silva Trail Runner 2 for long runs typically off-road [160 lumen] and Alpkit Gamma headlight for shorter road runs with rear red light [88 lumen]. For the bike I recommend a combination of ExposureKnog and Hope front and rear lights [the more the better!]

Winter Gloves and Socks: Ensuring the extremities are warm and dry [Recommended brands proven to work – Seal Skinz and Fusion].

Waterproof, windproof and breathable Jacket: Keeping the vital organs warm is a priority particularly when you pick-up speed [Recommended brands – Fusion and Endura].

Tights: Warm tights for running and even waterproof bib tights for cycling ensure legs and the lower back are warm and dry [Recommended brands – Fusion and Endura].

Mid-Layer: Long or short sleeve mid-layer that is both warm and breathable is important, the material has to evaporate sweat and not absorb it like cotton. [Recommended brand – Fusion].

Compression: Compression tops, shorts and calf guards/socks create an additional layer of warmth together with the properties that compression offers e.g. assist with circulation [Recommended brands – Fusion, Compressport, 2XU, CEP, Sigvaris].

Identification: Be this a copy of your driver’s license or better still a metal tab such as Road Band ID, the latter is resilient and can attach onto your trainer or watch makes this a must-have item for triathletes. In case of an unforeseen accident or incident your contact details and medical details are vital. [Recommended brands – Road Brand ID]