‘TOKO’ to support BFunctional

Toko yellow

TOKO is a Swiss brand, they first set out 100 years ago producing textile water proofing products but then progressed to the ski market producing ski waxes and tools. But now they are back in the textiles technical wash and proofing market with a line called ‘Careline’, this is extremely good product that works. With the amount of technical wicking and breathable products for both cycling and running these products work for triathletes/endurance athletes.

The products that I use and I recommend to clients and all athletes are the ‘Functional Sportswear Care’ range (Re-activate wicking products and anti-bacterial basically brings your training and race gear back to life):

  • Eco Textile Wash (Cleaning Technical Clothing-special environmentally-friendly detergent for high-quality sports and functional clothing)
  • Eco Wash in Proof NEW (Wash In water proof after using Textile wash-makes the product water resistant)
  • Functional Sports Care (Reduced build-up of unpleasant odours and restores the function of the fabric – care agent to be put in the fabric softner dispenser)
  • Eco Shoe Fresh (Environmentally-friendly waterproofing and care for sports, hiking and leisure shoes – neutralizes unpleasant odours)

I can source these products, should you wish to order one or more items please contact BFunctional.