Success breeds success!

Planning is essential for success in everything you do.

Autumn is a transitional period and for many multisport athletes it is an opportunity to recover from a tough season. BF Athletes are now reflecting on and systematically reviewing their season.

From which we can set a successful road map for next season, and ensure that next season is better than ever.

Why is it important to review?

There is a simple saying in coaching: ‘insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting change.’ If you have achieved your goals, it is important to understand what has contributed to this success so you can work progressively towards new targets next year. If you have had a less successful season, it is important to reflect objectively on what may have contributed to this and how you can change things to maintain it next year.

Success isn’t just down to hard work, it comes from working smart. This involves reviewing preparation and performance, learning from and trying to repeat factors that contributed to successes and learning from and trying to remove errors and performance-limiting factors. Successful individuals spend time learning from things that went well and the factors that contributed to these successes, so that they can replicate them and maintain consistency.

The next step is to set and train to realistic goals for next season and maximise the return on investment.