Strength Program for the Endurance Athlete

BFunctional and Celtic Academy are extending the collaboration in hosting a long-term strength training program, directed at those athletes wishing to strive for a higher level in their performance.

All sessions are fully coached/supported. The aims of this program are to improve mechanical efficiency and increase force application, thereby prevent injury and improve performance. This will be achieved through a periodised plan, comprised of progression in manipulating the load, movement patterns, sets, reps. With a de-load week or two in between phases.

PHASE 1: Foundations

PHASE 2: Build

PHASE 3: Peak

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”

The average strength gains for the recent Phase 1 group over 6 weeks improved significantly, see below:

BACK SQUAT: 87% increase
DEADLIFT: 69% increase
BENCH PRESS: 36% increase

These results WILL positively transfer to performances in training and racing.

The progression and content ties in with the training and race demands of a typical endurance season. Whether you are coached by BF directly or not, the benefits of taking part in this well mapped out strength training program WILL improve your fitness and competitive edge!

More details with opportunity to sign-up HERE.