Strength Program for Endurance Athletes 2018-2019


2018 – 2019

Perfect for those triathletes, cyclists and runner striving for: 


Less prone to injury

Range of motion

Economy of movement and time to exhaustion

A host of other physiological and neuro-muscular benefits


One thing I regularly say to athletes is that you rarely slowdown in an endurance race because you are out of breath, you usually slow down because your musculoskeletal system starts to fatigue and break down, so doing strength work NOW will help resolve this and build your durability.

A common tendency I have observed over the years is that athletes tend to omit or skip strength sessions in lieu of a swim, bike or run. But we must remember that there is a law of diminishing returns and ask ourselves, which will be more beneficial? Another endurance session, or a strength session which has been shown to improve performance in a multitude of studies? Read more on the benefits here.


BFunctional is once again collaborating with The Celtic Academy Strength & Conditioning facility to provide a coached strength program reflecting the endurance athlete needs.

COST: £120 for each 8-week coached program, including 2 sessions per week.

COMMITMENT: Attendance at each level is important due to the progressive load and technique.

WHO: Any endurance athlete striving to improve their training and performance [swim, bike and run related].

NOTE: The progressive sessions are designed purely for strength gains related to the endurance athlete. This is not a glitzy program as such this requires determination and commitment to the program with the sole goal to be a better you!

TRACKING & ASSESSMENTS: Includes strength tests, body composition analysis and bike power tests [CP20] in week 1 and 8.

THE CELTIC ACADEMY: A world-class facility reflected in the international teams that utilise while touring, including the England Women’s Football Team, Republic of Ireland Men’s Football Team and the Australian Rugby Team in the very near future.

England Women’s Senior Football Team Pre-World Cup Qualifier Vs Wales.

Team GB Track Cycling Team Holding Camp Pre-Rio 2016.




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