Strength & Mobility Programme for Endurance athletes

The BFunctional Strength & Mobility programme for endurance athletes is designed with the athlete, sport and season in mind.

This begins with a movement analysis followed by progressive and 1:1 training that is vital in making the athlete robust, resilient and more efficient across all disciplines.

Strength & Mobility ProgrammeThe programme will include the following:

Functional Strength & Mobility Analysis

  • Purpose: identify specific weaknesses or issues that are either areas of potential injury or ongoing limiters on your improvement of biomechanics or power production.
  • What if: identify an area of weakness or reduced range of motion, take note of the specific exercise and interventions that will help build strength and mobility in that area.

A progressive sport specific programme broken into phases and the client can opt to participate in one, two or all phases. Training methods are varied and include body-weight, TRX Suspension Training, Ankorr, Olympic Weights, plus more!

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