Run-Specific Performance Training Packages

IF you have entered OR wish to enter a running event and your seeking structure and motivation, seek no more! BFunctional is offering online RUN-SPECIFIC Performance Training for either Half Marathon or Marathon.

This will involve the Silver Performance Training Package [i.e. monthly], comprised of:

  • Holistic Plan monthly including:Run Logo
    • Detailed run sessions,  each with a different objective and purpose
    • Functional Workout [address strength & mobility specific to running]
    • Regeneration programme [address recovery]
    • Periodisation [allowing for progression, overload and recovery]
  • Interactive process driven by athlete uploading training feedback & body stats on BFunctional Log
  • Bespoke programme, that dovetails into your lifestyle and commitments. It simply takes the time to plan off your hands and delivered by a Personal Trainer that cares about your training process and race ambitions. Nothing is copied from a book, the process is driven by your goals, together with your commitments and variables on the journey!

For further information on this package or any of the BFunctional services then please contact here.