NEW Online Coaching

Endurance Coaching for Performance.

Enhance your athletic performance by taking away the pressure of planning and allowing you to focus on your goals.  Perfect for the ambitious endurance athlete with a busy life.

Bronze Includes:

  • Free Training Peaks Account
  • Periodised Annual Plan
  • Personalised Weekly Plan
  • Structured ‘Training Peaks Builder’ Workouts
  • Holistic Methods [Endurance, Recovery, Strength, Mobility]
  • Regular Baseline Tests [Bi-monthly]
  • Coach ‘Progress & Goal Review’ [Bi-monthly]
  • Coach Check-In [Weekly]
  • Coach Support [Unlimited]
  • Online Support Groups
  • Annual Training Camps
  • FREE Team BF Membership

Silver Includes all the Bronze points, plus:

  • Remote Annual Strength Program [Periodised]
  • Body Composition Analysis [Bi-monthly]

Gold: Includes all the Bronze points, plus:

  • Direct Strength Program [1 Strength session p/week with your Coach]
  • Body Composition Analysis [Bi-monthly]
  • Coach ‘Ride & Review’ [Social Bi-monthly ride]

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