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Performance Coaching Systems

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Online & 1-2-1 Coaching Group Coaching [TRX]
Program Endurance Program Group Classes
Target Performance Athletes Performance Athletes & Active Lifestyle Lovers.
Structure Remote & 1-2-1 Endurance Coaching for Performance. Functional classes for all-round fun & fitness.
Commitment Monthly Solo or Monthly
Venue Online & Celtic Academy Celtic Academy
Bronze £80* p/month

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£5 p/session

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Silver £100* p/month
[Remote Strength Program & Body Composition Analysis]

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£20 p/month*
Unlimited class access

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Gold £140 p/month
[Direct Strength Program with your Coach & Body Composition Analysis]

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Performance Programs

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*Rolling contract with minimum of 3 months if results are to be achieved.
All services are valid for 1 month from purchase date.


Endurance Coaching for Performance.

Enhance your athletic performance by taking away the pressure of planning and allowing you to focus on your goals.  Perfect for the ambitious endurance athlete with a busy life.

Bronze Includes:

Free Training Peaks Account

Periodised Annual Plan

Personalised Weekly Plan

Structured ‘Training Peaks Builder’ Workouts

Holistic Methods [Endurance, Recovery, Strength, Mobility]

Regular Baseline Tests [Bi-monthly]

Coach ‘Progress & Goal Review’ [Bi-monthly]

Coach Check-In [Weekly]

Coach Support [Unlimited]

Online Support Groups

Annual Training Camps

FREE Team BF Membership

Includes all the Bronze points, plus:

Remote Annual Strength Program [Periodised]

Body Composition Analysis [Bi-monthly]

Gold: Includes all the Bronze points, plus:

Direct Strength Program [1 Strength session p/week with your Coach]

Body Composition Analysis [Bi-monthly]

Coach ‘Ride & Review’ [Social Bi-monthly ride]

Man in green riding a bike
Lady taking part in TRX class

TRX Classes

TRX Group Coaching includes functional training for all-round fun & fitness. Utilising the TRX Suspension Trainer & TRX RIP trainer.

Booking system: launching soon.

Limited spaces in all classes: first come first served basis, with a waiting list in operation.


All TRX classes are either 45 or 60 minutes in duration, all geared towards achieving the individual results you desire!

You will use your own body weight, gravity, and TRX training equipment to Push – Pull – Rotate – Lunge – Squat – Hinge your way to a better you!

Fast & Effective:

The TRX equipment requires you to engage your core with every exercise, you get a total-body workout every time you train.

Mobility & Flexibility:

Allows you to unload and leverage your bodyweight so you can safely and effectively get more out of your flexibility and mobility training.

Build Lean Muscle:

You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise – because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.

Functional Fitness:

TRX exercises map to the way you move in everyday life.

Person getting ready to lift weights


  • Our team of Performance, Sport Nutritional Advisors, Strength & Conditioning coaches are all performance-based coaches whose passion is to educate and coach those who want to be perform and be their best.
  • Programs operate over a session, or a day, or roll over 8 weeks.
  • Ranging from a Group Strength Program for Endurance Athletes, to TRX goal-specific sessions, even Bike Skills and Open Water Training.
  • Available to Active & Non-Active Clients

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BFunctional aims to provide the perfect training camp to prepare you for your season.

Based at Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca.

Using an athlete-friendly as our base, the camp includes coaching, and is suitable for ALL abilities, and athletes aiming at ALL triathlon distances.

You'll get in all the training, and recovery you need, alongside plenty of sun, fun and relaxation!


  • 7 nights Half Board Accommodation
  • 25m heated outdoor swim pool
  • BF Swim lanes pre-booked
  • Bike Storage
  • Bike Groups/Own rides
  • Half Board
  • Variety of Rooms available [incl. AC, wi-fi and safe]
  • Access to the Hotel gym
  • Coaching [Swim, Bike, Run, Mobility, Socialising!]

Further information upon request.

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Swimming pool in Mallorca.Group of people cyclingHotel in BFunctional have a training camp set up in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca.

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