Our Team


The BFunctional Coaching Team is made up of two highly-qualified coaches who have attained numerous credentials in multiple fields, and demonstrated the high level of passion and commitment that our clients deserve.

Both having a comprehensive background in the fitness industry and in their respective sports. They also take their work seriously, but not themselves 🙂

Bethan Fowler
Owner & Head Coach

Bethan is passionate in helping others to enhance their lives, improve on athletic goals and improve quality of life through strong support networks and client-centred coaching.

She started out as a Physical Education teacher rising to HOD. Following a successful career in education Bethan set-up BFunctional to share her passion for health, fitness, education and triathlon [having competed professionally as an IRONMAN athlete].

Her goal is to empower athletes through fostering a strong coach-athlete partnership using scientific methodology, tempered with experience to people’s emotional needs, which is central to her philosophy of athlete-centred coaching.

Still a competitive athlete representing Great Britain as an age group triathlete, recently finishing 5th  in the 2019 World Championship.  

BSc Sport & Exercise Science
PGCE Secondary Education
Physical Education Teacher & HOD
Performance Coach [BT Triathlon Coach]
Personal Trainer 
Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
TRX Suspension & RIP Trainer Instructor
TRX Sports Medicine
ZUU Bronze Trainer & Sports Program
Wattbike Coach
Spin/Circuit/Kettlebell Instructor
Ex-Professional IRONMAN Athlete.

Areas of Expertise:
Functional Body Weight Training [TRX & ZUU]
Long-Term Athlete Development
Youth Athlete Development
Triathlon Coaching
Body Transformation
Sports Injury Re-Habilitation

Josie Williams

I started my training studying all types of dance specialising in Ballet where I trained at the Doreen Bird College of Performing Arts.  This gave me a passion for fitness.

After qualifying in RSA Exercise to music and completing my Fitness Instructor and Fitness Assessment courses, I became qualified to teach Aerobics, Step, Circuits, Body Conditioning alongside Personal Training.

After a short break to have children I returned to training by completing my Pilates qualification with Fitness Wales.

I love to help people with one to one training helping them achieve their personal goals, I love to encourage and nurture confidence and it's great to see the results!


RSA Exercise to music
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Fitness Assessment [Sport England]
Pilates Instructor

Areas of Expertise: 
Body Transformation
BODY-FIX Program


The Brand Ambassador has been chosen because they are a fan of the brand and identify with the vision.

With the ultimate goal to foster strong, loyal relationships between the wider community and the brand.

Phil Cooke
Fitness Ambassador

Phil developed an interest and passion for food, service and hospitality at the age of 14. Following a course in hotel and institutional management at Plymouth University,  he went on to gain an honours degree at one of the country's leading catering, hotel and business schools at Bournemouth University. Graduating at 21 years of age landed a senior role at University of South Wales as conference and business centre manager. Along the way playing sport, particularly rugby, setting up and running the team at South Devon College. 

Phil set up his own outside catering business with his wife Claire 13 years ago. After committing fully to develop a large team of employees to offer quality products and service the business has grown to become multi-million pound operation. 

Having suffered a serious illness in 2015 and struggling to gain any serious recovery for 3 years, found Bfunctional, Bethan and her team. Enjoying the friendly environment and dedicated personal training has progressed his fitness almost to previous levels. Enjoying TRX and ZUU classes in particular.

"Constantly fighting middle age the discovery of BFunctional is my mid life crisis, and boy its a good one! I want to encourage, assist and support BFunctional, its coaches and members in any way possible to create a positive experience."

Jayne Keddie
Fitness Ambassador

Exercise has always played a major part in my life. I have a passion to keep fit and strong, and to inspire others to exercise. 

I worked for the De Vere hotel group, and independent hotels, setting up and managing health and beauty salons. After working as a beauty therapist and fitness instructor for over 15 years I retained and gained a first-class Bachelor of Honours degree in Paediatric Nursing. The past 12 years I have specialised in nursing children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions, and palliative care in the community. Also, responsible for leadership in patient safety and leadership skills in management. Together with a staff wellbeing programme in the workplace.

My goals and core values echo that of Bethan Fowler, owner and head coach for BFunctional.

I was first introduced to BFunctional in June 2019, and have become a fan of the BF family, identifying with the clear goals of BF vision. There are no egos, everyone is welcome, and everyone encourages each other. 

Izzy Cooke
Youth Ambassador

I constantly strive to be enthusiastic, respectful and pleasant. These were the skills I utilised whilst becoming head girl at school.

Since engaging in TRX classes, both youth and adult, I have progressed to regularly captain my school hockey and netball teams.

Aged 13 (and a half) I am conscious of the need to continually improve my fitness and in particular my core strength.

I am excited about becoming a BFunctional ambassador and being able to encourage and support others.  Particular my fellow girl students who feel pressure to diet and constantly look good!

Brandon Delve
Youth Ambassador

I fell in love with sport at a very young age. I have explored a variety sports, and although each felt natural, from swimming to boxing to football, I fell in love with football. I was destined to go on a journey with sports in my life.

More recently I value the role that fitness plays in supporting my football journey. This gave me further drive to reach levels I didn’t think I could.  I always push myself, to go outside of my comfort zone and never settle for average.

Currently playing for Cardiff ADC (academy development squad) with a goal to reach the top of professional football.

I discovered I had a heart condition when I was around 10 and had heart surgery last year at 14 years of age, I didn’t let this hold me back and I want to help people to reach the peak of their potential through realising anything is possible if you believe in it.

The reason I chose BFunctional was due to the guidance and support I was given alongside the patience in order to make me the best I can possibly be. BFunctional instils values and morals to last a lifetime and offer you opportunities that when taken can really set you forward in life. Alongside this I picked up lots of knowledge and the training is exceptional.

Hannah Bowen
Performance Ambassador

I am passionate about golf, and love sharing this passion with others by getting them involved in the game, I love playing and strive to get better at it every day.

I turned professional in 2015 where I stated my PGA, I qualified in 2018 and graduated in 2019 where I began playing in ladies WPGA events. To date I came 2nd in the Ladies Minchinhampton Pro- Am.

I came 13th in the Ladies WPGA OOM 2019 and qualified for the Women’s LETAS International Challenge.

I competed in the ladies 2020 Tour School and despite a withdrawal am planning on doing the same in 2021.

There is a distinct lack of awareness regarding the prevention of back related injuries among golfers which hinder their play and performance in the sport. With top pros using fitness training programmes now to help prevent injury and improve performance it's worth adding one to your golf regime. That’s exactly what I did, working with Bethan at BFunctional, creating a strength program to tailor my needs as a golfer. 

The results have made a huge difference to my golf game, improving my muscular strength, endurance and mind. If at 23 years old I can see the importance of this training to reduce injury and improve performance, could you imagine the impact this could have on the average aged club golfer who would be more likely prone to injuries? As PGA professionals at the ‘heart’ of the golf club, it is our job to educate golfers on this importance and provide them with the opportunity to improve their fitness.