Our Coaching


As a cyclist, runner, swimmer, triathlete, team player or simply someone who lives an active lifestyle, you love to challenge yourself, you love to compete, you love to feel healthy and you love to perform your best.

Our holistic coaching and education system is specifically designed from the ground up to support and improve both your physical and mental health & performance needs.

We created it to support your desire to challenge yourself, your need to compete and your continual pursuit of your best.



Coaching options specific to your sport, goals, preferred style, experience, event and financial needs.


Professional & passionate coaches to support, educate and guide you as much or as little as you like.


Endurance Sport Specific, Nutrition, & Strength, Conditioning programs and coaching for Health & Performance


A class timetable & coaching structure specifically designed with flexibility in mind to suit busy lives with work, home and training commitments.


Use simple apps to quickly & easily View, Manage and Track all your training and life commitments.


We incorporate the key elements of the Blueprint for health & performance into our coaching for endurance sports and an active lifestyle.

Each coaching program have all been carefully chosen to provide a true, holistic performance-based training environment based on The Blueprint.

Nutrition Coaching

Performance Coaching


BF Blueprint