12. Online Coaching Members Area


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Online Coaching Features:

  • Mobile App for easy access to your Program
  • Access to your own smooth and easy to use Private Members Area
  • Quick, Easy, and Flexible Exercise Programs delivered straight to your app and members area.
  • All Workouts come with Exercise Videos and Descriptions to ensure you know exactly how to get the most from your workouts.
  • Track your progress through detailed assessments, flexible food diary, progress photo manager and simple to use Tracking Area all built directly into your app and members area.
  • Receive Regularly Coaching from your coach in the form of videos, PDFs and more for Long Term Success
  • Easy to follow nutrition and diet advice sent directly via your app and member's area.
  • Track your daily and weekly progress though simple and efficient ‘check-in’ via your app and members area
  • Communicate directly with your coach via the In-App messaging centre.
  • Integrates your favourite apps such as MyFitnessPal, Fitbit and MyZone to your member's area for an all-in-one experience.