Ironman Wales Familiarisation Camp, 2014

BFunctional recently organised an Ironman Wales Familiarisation Camp from 1st to 3rd August, 2014. This involved a structured weekend focused upon guiding each client through the disciplines, technically, logistically and tactically. Peppered with some general tips on nutrition, pacing and equipment.

Read some of the testimonials from this crazy and committed crew!
Day 3 - Pre-Recce ride

This proved to be enjoyable and beneficial at this stage of the season in erasing fears, resolving misconceptions and creating self-confidence and belief in their abilities and targets.

All clients were courageous and strong athletes [physically & mentally]. Spending time with each was a pure pleasure. Best wishes to each for the next 6 weeks of training and polishing that race fitness!

Gareth Beck [aka Grant Mitchell!]

“Thank you” for a top weekend.

Really enjoyed the training. BF BoysThoughtfully put together and really professionally delivered. Its not that, that was the impressive thing. I know you and Hannah had a bit of a ribbing over the weekend but your unfailingly positive attitude, individual approach and happy smiling faces made it a great weekend. We (fat dads and others) do this for “fun” and to try and be better people. You make it enjoyable and emphasise peoples achievements and positive gains.

Huw Morgan [aka Phil Mitchell!]

A massive thanks again to you for a fab weekend. This has been a massive confidence booster for me, especially with the run route. I’ve got every confidence of doing that again and twice more on race day!

Kathryn Richards [aka hard as nails!]

Day 2 - Huw & Kathryn

I can’t thank you enough for all your support and encouragement this weekend.

My domestique, Hannah for getting me round the bike course in one piece and you, Bethan on the run was great to chat and run, it has helped my mental state no end!

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend and see you soon.

Chris Adams [aka BF Domestique]

Beth/BF/Miss Fowler/Pauline/Coach/Boss/Badger and anything else you’ve been called on the weekend,

I really enjoyed the weekend. Your experience has been invaluable, especially in ways to get through the nightmare that is about to ensue.

An enjoyable and rewarding experience for me. Expertise available on all 3 disciplines, including how to achieve smooth and penalty free transitions!

Training was hard but achievable and by the end of the weekend we had covered 3/4 distance in both bike and run, which for me is a great confidence boost.

BF will get in your head, give you tips on how feed off the energy around you, and make you believe your Ironman dream is achievable.
Tenby Panoramic

Paul Lane [aka Man of many talents!]

Cheers Beth, I had a cracking weekend with everyone. Met some nice people and got on really well. The weekend has now filled me with confidence and I am looking forward to race day. Thank you for your time and effort with us. I look forward to seeing all in September

Derren Richardson [aka Chief Comedian!]

I wanted to say a BIG thank you to you for a well structured and informed weekend, I really enjoyed being part of such a very special group. As I said yesterday I came with some apprehension and worries that I may of bitten off more then I could chew, but on Sunday I came away with, feeling stronger, positive and with all my concerns erased and that in part is down to you.

I Look forward to seeing you both on the finishing line and episode 2 of the Pauline and Peggy Show… LOL

Rebecca Comins [aka Chief Masseuse!]

Thank you Bethan for a brilliant IRONMAN Wales Training weekend this weekend. You did an amazing job of getting us around the swim, bike and run routes over the 3 days. Answering our questions and giving your advice and knowledge from your own experience of doing the race Beth.

You were positive and cheery, open and honest and I for one valued every minute. Thank you also to Gareth Beck and the other Newport Tri Club members who were there Kath and Huw …. an extremely worthwhile weekend and very professionally run. Bring on September 14!
Day 2 - Fresh Water West


Day 3 - The End!