BFunctional aims to provide the perfect peak and taper program to prepare you for your major event of the season. The final weeks are essential to boosting race-specific fitness, ensuring that the athlete is confident they have achieved their peak fitness and form.

Training Program includes:

An Initial one-off Consultation [in person or remotely] to establish the process and capabilities.

The Peak Program is broken down into sub-phases listed below. Each are delivered via Training Peaks and the intensity and duration of each phase depends upon your capabilities, determined in the Consultation process:

⇒ Peak Phase 1: 4 weeks

⇒ Peak Phase 2: 2 weeks

⇒ Taper & Race Week: 2 weeks

⇒ Recovery: 2 weeks

Not included:

× Interaction with the coach during the program.

× Adjustments during the program

× Race-day pacing, nutrition & hydration strategies


⇒ Avoid panic training, and risk over-training and injury.

⇒ Program takes into consideration the course demands.

⇒ Program utilises either HR and/or Power [Bike] training zones.

⇒ Boost your self-confidence through successful tried and tested program methods. See testimonials here, they really do work!

Example: IRONMAN Wales 2016 all 8 BF Athletes were either on target pace or significantly ahead. In fact, 2 BF Athletes who have either undertaken previous coaching or self-coached have improved their overall race time this year by 1hr:33min and 2hrs:04min respectively [over 10% and 14% significant improvement]. In all elements of the race their times improved.


⇒ Willingness to be your best & commit to the program!

⇒ Training Peaks Account linked to BFunctional [no fee to create an athlete account].

⇒ Threshold Data: Swim CSS, Bike Threshold HR/FTP, Run Threshold HR [if no data program can be based on feel OR athlete completes benchmark in the first week].

⇒ Agree to the BF Athlete Terms & Conditions here.

⇒ Payment of £120 upfront.

Other options:

⇒ Online Performance Coaching £80 p/m involves regular interaction with the Coach, monthly meet-ups, race-day strategies, plans are set weekly and therefore the Coach is regularly connected with the progress.

⇒ IRONMAN Wales Training Camp: 18th-20th August. I recommend this as it sits nicely in the Peak phase. See here for more details.

How to Book:

Complete the form below, once completed you will then receive a confirmation email to action the next steps.