GOLD Coaching Package

GOLD Coaching Package

Providing the FULL coaching package!

Whether you are a complete newbie, a seasoned triathlete, through to an aspiring GB athlete, the GOLD coaching package provides a holistic coaching system incorporating endurance, strength, nutrition support and a 100% personal and progressive program. All geared around your goals and capabilities.

The key features being:

Periodised STRENGTH Program with Coach BF: Each strength session focusses on progression in strength and movement patterns that reflect your seasonal demands.

✅ Strength & Conditioning: 1 session p/week with Coach as SGT [Small Group Training Session with up to 4 other athletes]

✅ Premier S&C Facility: Celtic Academy provides a state of the art Strength & Conditioning Equipment, Wattbike, Endless Pool for Swim Analysis, TRX and other functional equipment.

 Weekly Endurance Program: progressive sessions that reflect your season goals

 Body Composition Analysis 

 Functional Movement Screening

✅ Coach contact time every week

✅ SGT Days: Tuesday & Thursday 6-7pm and Saturday 7-8am

This together with the BRONZE level coaching features. Further details in the table below.

The BFunctional coaching system provides professional, performance-based coaching at a premier facility. The long-term coaching process has proved successful with countless BF athletes since 2014. 

I am passionate about empowering athletes through fostering a strong coach-athlete partnership, and balancing scientific rationale and logic along with empathy.



Training Peaks Account

Goal Setting Consultation

Bespoke Program

Periodised ENDURANCE Program

Periodised STRENGTH Program

Body Composition Analysis

Functional Movement Screening

Structured Sessions [Upload to device]

Benchmark Tests

Tracking Reports

Target Setting

Coach Check-In

Unimited Coach Support

Online Support Groups

FREE Team BF Membership

Priority Access to Training Camps









Direct Weekly

Rolling contract with minimum of 3 months if results are to be achieved.

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