BODY-FIX Program

BODY-FIX Program


You may be stumbling over fad diets and random exercise knowing it’s not something you want to implement for the rest of your life, which means you are actively deciding to at some point lose any gains. The BODY-FIX Program is a customised blueprint that encourages individuals to achieve their goals while building a lifestyle that they know they can thrive on.

At BFunctional we believe that ‘Athletic is Aesthetic’ and ‘Fit is Functional’.

If you want to raise your health and fitness, then read-on as to why athletic is the new “skinny” and how we can achieve that.

There is a misconception that anyone that is “skinny” must also be “fit” or “in shape”. Not only is this untrue, but the term “skinny” can hold a different meaning from one individual to the next. As media consumers, we are constantly being bombarded with images of men and women with conceivably “perfect” bodies, paired with professionally done hair, makeup and lighting to create an unattainable appearance. We are constantly being told that being skinny means that we are attractive, when in reality, our bodies are made to move. Our bodies are capable of amazing things, meaning that the healthiest body, whatever your body type, is the most beautiful.

This is why we at BFunctional we have focused on creating the BODY-FIX Program to fit to your individual needs, raising our clients up to reach their own personal best.

BFunctional clients use our services for more than just losing weight or in completing an IRONMAN. They hire BF to develop a stronger mindset and to learn what truly works best for them by providing weekly programs, sessions, classes and consultations that allow them to build a sustainable lifestyle over time.

BFunctional continues to evolve, and the renewed mindsets of the clients have made for the most exciting month that I’ve ever had as a coach. I have seen some amazing people make incredibly rapid transformations that pay tribute to their dedication and willingness to immerse themselves into the BF services, vision and values. #BFamily #TeamBF

Program design IS NOT one size fits all and it’s important to have a plan that is built for YOU. If you need to get into summer shape and are ready to take part in a program that will take you through the ins and outs of lifestyle fitness and nutrition then drop us a line.

Athletic is Aesthetic.
Fit is Functional.
Athletic is the new “skinny”.

Are you ready to take your health and fitness higher with an intensive 4-week period with a BFunctional Coach? Kick-start by signing-up below or contact BFunctional for more information here.


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£360/4 Weeks

2 x 1-2-1 Sessions p/week

2 x BF Classes p/week

Body Composition Analysis

Functional Movement Screening

DIET-FIX 28 Day Nutrition Program 

Custom Training Sessions

Online Support Group

Coach Support

Free Consultation Screening

*£22.50 per session.

**The 2 1-2-1 sessions and 2 classes must be used within that week and not rolled into the next.

***Following completion of this program individuals may wish to drop down to the 1-2-1 Coaching Block.

What we expect?

– Commitment from yourself to the process
– Follow the training plan and nutrition guide lines
– 100% effort every training session

What results you can expect?

– Improved Body Composition
– Increased quality of life
– More Energy
– Enhanced sleep quality
– Enhanced physique
– Increased muscle mass
– Lower body fat levels
– Enhanced strength
– Learn new skills

Why take-on the BODY-FIX?

Body Transformation [improve body shape for the Summer or date]
Performance [physical and body-composition preparation for an event]
Intense Re-Hab Program [collaboration with a physiotherapist in addressing physical capability & nutrition focus]
– Training with a Coach that is passionate and determined to reach your potential