Blueprint of Performance #BoP

Are you at a cross-roads with your training, strength, flexibility, results, nutrition and/or general motivation? If you’re finding that you’re unsure of the next step and need structure, accountability and guidance then BFunctional provides a complete service termed the Blueprint of Performance. 

With years of experience in this profession my core values and ethics of the business are very specific and aimed at bringing out the best in each athlete. The Blueprint of Performance has evolved from my continued education, research, athletic and coaching experience.

I work with science-based and advanced tools to pinpoint the unique needs of each client and to build a personalised program that works. By arming each client with access to all areas of the Blueprint they will be robust, resilient and given the best opportunity to flourish.

The philosophy and one that I aim to instil in all athletes is to strive for peak performance through balanced and progressive training. If we do the same thing, day after day, season after season then expect the same outcome.

Therefore, the body and mind require Long Term Athlete Development, here at BFunctional that is the premise for all athletes. There is no quick fix, instead patience, hard work, progression and determination will ensure goals are reached. Training long term involves many layers, adding various fitness components, technique and recovery. The overall mapping of this is essential to ensure athletes peak at the correct time and achieve their goal.

If you’re seeking the ‘Complete Performance’ in one or all of these areas then please contact BFunctional.