Pedal stroke around the clock!

When the cold/wet weather brings your bike training indoors, now is the time to focus on purposeful training sessions to stay dialled-in to pedal stroke.
While indoor training has real benefits, it can still be a challenge to make the transition. To help make the adjustment from outdoor riding easier, get prepared for winter now.
1. Set-up: Turbo, Spin Classes, Wattbike, etc. Establish what, where, when asap!
2. Environment: Needs to energise you and feel comfortable, including what you wear, train with others, lighting, temperature, fan, etc.
3. Entertainment: Whatever entertainment you love, you can have it right there as you ride. Use this to your advantage as you work up the motivation to train.
4. Session goals: BF athletes follow my progressive sessions [utlising HR and cadence, some with Power] or dip into spin-classes, Sufferfest, etc. Goals are critical. Your mindset before you get on your trainer to workout is key. If it’s absent of goal-oriented thoughts, you put yourself at a disadvantage. When you think about what your goals are, you become inspired and prepared.
5. Pedal Stroke action: 
  • BF Athletes are currently under-taking a ‘Focus on BIKE Form’ phase which concentrates on the 4 phases of the pedal stroke through drills.
  • Follow this image to dissect your pedal stroke into 4 phases.
  • The set-up phase between 11 – 1 o’clock is typically the dead spot, so focus on ‘Rolling the barrel’ in all training session over these 2 weeks.
  • This will provide the high cadence I am striving for in each athlete.
  • This is hard work if done correctly, but with progressive nature of my sessions this will become second nature on those longer rides, resulting in a more efficient bike technique and saving energy for the run.