BFunctional Tri Team

The BFunctional Triathlon Team consists of committed athletes all striving for different race goals, be that Sprint, Olympic, Ironman or Double Ironman. Each member receives a tailored programme to suit their lifestyle, commitments and ambitions. I adapt the performance training principles, whereby I work closely with the client in planning, monitoring and evaluating the training process, all of which is periodised and progressive.

BF Boys

I work with clients on the holistic approach, initially in terms of dovetailing lifestyle with training. Secondly, holistic in terms of the training method, the focus is not purely on training but on each of these elements:

  • Training
  • Functional strength & mobility
  • Recovery
  • Nutrition
  • Mantra

The 2014 BFuctional Triathlon Team each achieved incredible goals, some of which had never done an Ironman yet completed in an impressive time, through to a seasoned triathlete, knocking seconds/minutes/hours off their PBs. Working with each and everyone was an honour.

The 2015 team comprises of a committed and dedicated collective of athletes from across the country, all have one thing in common – not accepting their previous performance and adopting the holistic approach in reaching higher levels of performance. Rather than do the same thing season after season, session after session, and expecting a different outcome…the holistic approach provides a fresh stimulus, and focused on producing a wel

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