BFunctional Tri Team Race Results, 2014

20th June 2014- Ironman UK

Congratulations to both Dave Southgate and Tracy Russell on your recent performances at IM UK. Both of whom put in dedicated training and completed this race with determination. When the race got tough, they got tough! Well done both from all at BFunctional!

IM UK Finsh Line

Now that BFunctional Team Member, Tracy has completed her main goal she has time to reflect and review her enormous achievement. I thank you for your kind words [see below]. It’s a pleasure working with you and I look forward to taking you through the next chapter!

’ Firstly Beth I have to say a huge thank you for all of your support and help, it really has been of enormous benefit and I feel very privileged that you allowed me to join the team. There have been so many things in the last few months that have been really helpful, in the beginning it was just having the pressure of the plan taken away. I’m quite a structured person so having a box to tick and a plan to follow really suited me but what you offer is just so much more than this. The continuous feedback is really encouraging and then starting to see results with the tests made me realise how well things were going. My injury was brutal, but on reflection maybe it was my making, we never know why these things happen, you helped me to get through it and believed in me when I didn’t have the confidence at the time to believe in myself. Fighting to get through that was certainly tougher than the race! Your comments and lists and little ditties were all timed so perfectly and certain quotes stayed with me, another girl that I spent the race overtaking and being overtaken by I shared your “we get tough when it gets tough” mantra, it made us smile and its the little things that keep you going’

16th June 2014:

Another weekend of full racing and further accomplishments by each and every member of the team. The consistency and commitment to training, together with their mental and physical strength is paying dividends.

Carys Griffiths achieved a strong 2nd overall at Porthcawl Olympic Distance. This was only a week recovery from Bala Middle Distance. A talented athlete with a bright future. Top racing!

Meanwhile, Huw Morgan and Rebecca Commins smashed 70.3 UK, at what is one of the toughest half IM across the globe. Respect! This performance helps enormously with the bigger picture. Jigsaw is coming together! Rest and believe.

At Cotswold Middle Tri the team was out in full force! On the ladies side, Jane Mills smashed her target times across each discipline, by substantial minutes. On the road to great things! Hannah Paull [resident BFunctional Swim Coach] in her debut achieved 1st lady out of the water & 11th overall! An impressive start to her triathlon career.
Onto the gents! Gareth Beck, smashed his previous time by 12min!! He is a role model to us all. He is committed to the end goal, no stopping this Peroni driven machine! Nick Saal and Nick Young, although fuelled by some dodgy concoction the night and morning of race, produced solid debut performances. These guys have made vast improvements since joining the fold in 2014 as Tri Virgins! Soon to be Ironmen! Elliot Dudley, smashed this race out of the Cotswold Park! Again, debut Middle distance performance. So many positives, notably his time at 4hrs:18min. The future is most definitely bright.

Meanwhile, I raced alongside this wonderful bunch. On a personal level, I thoroughly enjoyed this event as the course and conditions were perfect, winning it does not compare with seeing and hearing how these guys & gals have done. Race analysis, be it positive or constructive is rewarding, but above all else is seeing that smile! Proud of you all in so many ways.

8th June 2014:

Some impressive and solid results from team members today – Craig Fowler & Carys Griffiths at Bala MD Triathlon, meanwhile Dave Southgate & Tracy Russell at Fambridge MD Triathlons. Further PBs for Dave and Tracy, is there no stopping them!