BFunctional Performance Training 2015 Packages

BFunctional launches a range of Performance Training packages for 2015, this is a sample of what we can offer in addition to the Personal Training service.

Tri Team Swim Analysis & Stroke Development     Performance S&M Training

In particular Performance Training focuses on the following areas and is available to all level of athlete:

  1. Performance-Specific Training & Triathlon Team 
  2. Swim Analysis, Stroke Development and Swim-Specific Packages [specialising in 750m, 1.5km, 1.9km, 3.8km, Channel Swim]
  3. Strength & Mobility for endurance athlete’s [begins with a movement analysis followed by progressive and 1:1 training that is vital in making the athlete robust, resilient and more efficient across all disciplines. Methods involve TRX, Body-Weight, Olympic, etc]

For further information on this or any of the BFunctional services then please contact here.