BF ‘Bike Health Workshop’

As Spring is in the air your bike volume is increasing, as such you need to ensure your bike is tuned-up for training and eventually racing. Remember, clean bikes go faster, quiet bikes win races!

Duration: 45min
Location & Date: confirmed upon sign-up [South Wales]
Price: £20 [+ Club BF Membership £10 for 2017]
Who: Delivered 1:1, friends, groups. BFunctional Athletes, BF Community and Club BF members

Why: Cycling is arguably the riskiest sport in triathlon because of the speed athlete’s travel on a bike and the possible challenges of riding on roads with vehicles. The bike health information in this workshop should be applied to every cyclists/triathletes routine as it’s critical to its performance and will help prolong the life of your components.

What we will cover:
Safety Routine [pre-ride/race]

Clean & Lube [post ride/race]

Fix your flat

Remount a dropped chain/repair a chain


Bike Maintenance Checklist

Equipment you must bring:
Bike [helmet, shoes, etc if you intend riding post workshop]

Clean & lube: Wet Wipes, Lube, Brush/Rage, Bike Stand [optional]

Puncture repair: Pump/Co2, Tube, Levers,

It’s the Wednesday before the big race. You’ve put in the long rides and runs, honed your nutrition plan, and made your hotel reservations. You’ve done the taper and now you’re ready to race.

Race day comes and half way through the bike you’re right where you want to be. Heart rate low, weather good, all your food is going down well and you feel strong. It’s all coming together. This is it; it’s your day. You’re finally going to pull off the big one.

Then you get a flat. After fifteen minutes of struggling you manage to get it changed and you’re back on the road. Then your gears start to act up. Your bike doesn’t want to shift. It feels like it’s slipping. For every three shifts you make it’s only shifting once. Then your derailleur lets go and shifts all the way down to your hardest cog. On a hill.

If only you had your bike tuned up before the big race!