Swim Program for Triathletes


Focussed on building swim fitness and technique from 400m to 2.5km

At this time of year, swimming can become a challenge due to lack of targets and even enthusiasm! This program is designed to enhance swim performance by taking away the pressure of planning and allowing athletes to focus on their goals.

  • Level 1:  Goal of 600m, allow 15-25 min per session, 4 weeks.
  • Level 2:  Goal of 1km, allow 20-40 min per session, 4 weeks.
  • Level 3:  Goal of 2.5km, allow 45-60 min per session, 4 weeks.
  • Focus: Aerobic fitness, build on aspects of your technique via drill work
  • Equipment: Fins, Pull Buoy, Kick-Board, Centre Snorkel, BF Swim Hat [optional!]
  • Software: Delivered via Training Peaks [Free software]
  • Baseline Tests: at mid-point and end to determine fitness and training zones
  • Duration: 12 week program
  • Cost: £20 Introductory price [normally £30]

If you do the same thing over and over again, expect the same results. The longer you swim in your current form, you may find your fitness improve but you revert to old bad habits.

Use this program to focus your attention. Consider a BF swim analysis to identify areas to improve at the start, mid and end-point to track progress. Join the BF Athletes as they embark on this program.