BF Go-Commando!

“Where the mind goes first, the body will follow”.

As a sports scientist I love heart-rate monitors, power meters and GPS watches. I love the data they provide, and I love analysing it. But one day what if a training gadget either runs out of batteries or stops working? You would have no choice but to ‘go commando’. Just focusing on feel rather than power and heart rate is liberating.

Over the ‘off-season and focus on form’ stage’ the BF athletes will try to break your training into these three simplified zones to tune into their gut feeling, and tune out of gadgets.

Once they can differentiate between the sensations their body gives them during an ‘easy’ and a ‘hard’ session and how they differ from a ‘moderate’ session, they are as well-equipped as you need to be to get very fit.

There’s a psychological benefit to training in a simple three-zone framework too. When it’s time to train hard you’ll know you can really hit it, without worrying about heart rate, or what zone you’re in. You need only concern yourself with the effort itself. Apply this simplified training approach, and you may even train beyond your previously determined limits. You’ll have no more bleeping gadgets telling you you’re about to blow up. You may just discover that when the going gets tough, you can still carry on. The saying goes ‘where the mind goes first, the body will follow’. Technology can be a powerful tool, but every now and then try losing the hardware.

The simple training zones for the off-season are below, until the BF Athletes complete the benchmark tests, end of 2016.