BF Athletes: Training load over volume

The 2017 season involves a new training and race focus for all BF Performance Athletes, i.e. stress-based trainingThe idea that athletes will have a better sense of self, training according to their stress levels and making decisions that help us balance the load, instead of just following training guidance based on time/distance alone.

Coach Beth closely follows the Performance Management Chart (PMC) for each athlete over the season/s. The PMC is based on the relationship between a given Fitness (CTL) and an athlete’s performance, it makes sense when targeting a certain performance level to equate that with a given training load.

By observing the athlete’s PMC over time, we can get a sense of the load: performance relationship for that athlete to determine what Fitness (CTL) it is going to take to reach a certain goal. Once we have this goal Fitness (CTL) number, the next logical step is to plan the stress load (TSS) progression that will ‘add up to’ this target CTL on a given date to maximize our chances of achieving our goal performance.

Ultimately, this scientific method to coaching and training combined with the ability, attitude and commitment of the athlete ensures we can dial in to becoming the best they can possibly be on race-day.