BF Bellas Launch!

BFunctional Bellas has been created by a woman, for women! See more about me here.

  • There are 2 million fewer women than men regularly playing sport
  • More men play sport than women at almost every age

Based on these facts I wish to contribute to improving the situation. I have created this initiative to allow women to feel inspired, engaged and energised into taking part in exercise regularly.

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Us women come in all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities! Whether you are a pro or an amateur, a beginner or an expert, a mother, daughter, sister…we are all able to share a common goal, to feel energised and empowered. Exercise is a great vehicle for this. To focus on activities for their own sake, for the joy, exhilaration, buzz, fun, and embodied physical experience

This will embrace all women and overall create a feeling of Bella kinship!

  • Inspire – to support, encourage and enthuse women to becoming active! The BF Bellas Hub conversation, events, training and planned initiatives will certainly inspire you to be become active!
  • Engage – Utilise the BF Bella Hub to support, share and plan your experience of exercise. I will launch a monthly BF Bella initiative, more information on this when you join!
  • Energise – the consequence is that you will feel better, see progress, sense of belonging and that shared feeling of support.

More information on how to become involved and what’s on offer here!