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Online Performance Coaching: Athlete Recruitment

If you aspire to complete or compete in an endurance race at any level this is the perfect service for you!

The BFunctional coaching system is professional, personalised performance-based coaching. The long-term coaching process has proved successful with countless BF athletes since 2014, ranging from those aiming to be fit enough to complete, to those who want to be fast enough to qualify for the the World Championships.

As a cyclist, runner, swimmer, triathlete, team player or simply someone who lives an active lifestyle, you love to challenge yourself, you love to compete, you love to feel healthy and you love to perform your best.

Our holistic coaching and education system is specifically designed from the ground up to support and improve both your physical and mental health & performance needs. Based on training phases from preparation, to base, to build, peak and currently a period to review results, goals and road map for next season.

We created it to support your desire to challenge yourself, your need to compete and your continual pursuit of your best.


All of which is driven by Bethan Fowler:

P.E. Teacher
Performance Coach
Personal Trainer
Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
Multiple IRONMAN Finisher
2 x IRONMAN World Championship Qualifier
IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships
Multiple GB AG ITU European & World Races
Previous Professional IRONMAN Athlete.

The Online Performance Coaching service is broken down into 3 tiers.


No longer do you have to be part of the elite minority in order to access scientifically proven, performance-based coaching methods or facilities.

Our goal, mission and passion is all about creating a coaching system and community which makes proven, performance-based education and training, more accessible and sustainable to you, the majority.

The strong coach-athlete partnership is a vital part of the process, balancing scientific rationale and logic along with empathy and emotional awareness.

Beth can often be seen supporting BF Athletes at events and even training with them, she is keen to empower and coach athletes to achieve great things.


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