Athlete & Coach Success

As we approach the fourth season for BFunctional and the athletes it works with it is timely to celebrate the progress gained over the previous three years.

Rather than identify the incredible results of each and every athlete for which the list would be long, I’d like to collectively congratulate each athlete on their personal progress in training & performing. You all demonstrate the BFunctional athlete core values of commitment, respect, fun, belonging and belief. As a result, the progress is something to celebrate.  Well done #TeamBF


The key athlete achievements in summary are:
Ø  IRONMAN World Championships 2015: well-deserved qualification for the hard-fought Kona slots by an athlete who works to the letter of the plan, and her achievements in triathlon and Ultra Running are forever evolving!

Ø  European Championships 2017: 3 athletes qualified in respective events to represent the GB triathlon team at the European Middle Distance Triathlon, Denmark in 2017.

Ø  IRONMAN & IRONMAN 70.3: a range of athletes from complete novice to national age-group level have competed in IRONMAN & other branded events across all continents of the world!

Most recently, at IRONMAN Wales all 8 athletes competed on target pace or well ahead. In particular, 2 IRONMAN athletes who have both undertaken previous coaching or self-coached improved their overall race time this year by 1hr:33min and 2hrs:04min respectively [that’s over 10% and 14% significant improvement].

Ø  National domestic races/adventures/challenges: whether that be a Midnight Mountain Marathon, Channel Swim, Charity 24-hour bike challenge through to completion of a first 5km run the result has been success due to hard work!

Ø  Training achievements: meanwhile, through the blood, sweat and tears during training this is where the achievements are determined. Well done for believing in the BF plan and in your ability.

Coach achievements:
Ø  IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships

Ø  IRONMAN World Championship Qualifier x 2

Ø  ITU World Long Distance

Ø  ETU Olympic Distance Championship

Ø  IRONMAN Wales x 3, UK x 3, Weymouth, Mallorca.

Ø  IRONMAN 70.3 Wimbleball x 2, Antwerp.

Ø  IRONMAN PB 10hrs: 34min

Ø  Marathon PB 3hrs: 15min

Ø  Bastion Long Distance Winner 2015

Ø  Ex-IRONMAN Professional

Ø  BSc, PGCE, IRONMAN Certified Coach, BT Triathlon Coach & Personal Trainer.

These are examples of the Long Term Athlete Development programme [LTAD] that BFunctional invests in all athletes.


The future of BFunctional:
The business is driving with real focus into the next phase. While striving to push the boundaries in the realms of knowledge, learning, performance, etc. Consequently, providing clients with high quality and broader services & products. Please follow and become part of the BFunctional Community in order to discover how these plans and projects will unfold.

In summary, the heart of the BF coach-athlete partnership is a functional, scientific, bespoke & athlete-centric approach.  Consequently, the athlete trains and performs in a progressive, supportive & successful manner.

Please contact BFunctional to become part of this evolving & supportive Community, and achieve those goals. The BFunctional mantra is to ‘BELIEVE IT, BUILD IT, BECOME IT’