Announcing the new ‘BFunctional Online Triathlon Club’.

Club BF membership is available to those receiving Performance Coaching or Personal Training for a minimum of 3 months within a 12-month period. By registering for 2016 club membership athletes have agreed to the ‘Members Code of Conduct’ and are entitled to ‘BFunctional Members Benefits’.

The primary reason for creating this club was for members to feel a sense of kinship with fellow triathletes of all abilities, together with support from each other, coaches and the business partners members are given the best opportunity to flourish. All members are supportive, proud to represent the club and to be associated with Club BF and its partners.

Contact BFunctional for more information on the services and Club BF. ‪#‎ClubBF‬

BF Partner Collage [White]

[Thank you: Arena Triathlon & Open Water Tredz Clif Bar Greepers Endurance Conspiracy UK Framed. & NIMBLEWEAR].

Examples of what members can obtain:

BF Tri SS Suit Collage

BF Greeper & Clif Bar Collage