Brand Ambassador Program

We welcome 5 Ambassadors + Coach to the NEW Ambassador Program.

Each brings both passion and perspective on the consumers BF is targeting. The work that they do is a combination of online and offline tactics, they have been chosen to foster strong, loyal relationships between the wider audience and the brand.

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Derren Richardson

Derren Richardson


Background: Having played rugby for most of my sporting career I took to indoor rowing on the Concept 2, racing over 2000m at The Evesham Golden Mile, The English, Welsh Indoor Rowing Champs and also The British Indoor Racing Champs at Birmingham a number of times.  I’ve always liked to challenge myself and got into Triathlon by entering a local sprint event whereby I immediately got the bug and the rest is history.

Sport: Triathlon.

BF Services: Online Coaching [SILVER], Swim Analysis & Performance DIET-FIX.

Achievements: I’ve been with BFUNCTIONAL since 2014, which has provided me with structure, motivation and positive energy. The services provided by Bethan Fowler have been invaluable and has enabled me to become a Double Ironman Wales, Ironman Cascais 70.3 finisher and Endurance Racer, having completed Man v Mountain and The Midnight Mountain Marathon.

Goals: Looking forward to a busy and successful 2019 race schedule, Knowing that having BFUNCTIONAL in my corner will give me the confidence to be in the best shape I can be when I reach that start line.

Kathryn Bates

Kathryn Bates


Background: I am 47 years young, an ACCA qualified Accountant working full time, for a US multi-national company in the medical industry and I specialise in Financial Accounting, Tax and Compliance.

Sport: Triathlon. After completing the Gauntlet at Cholmondely Castle, a half iron distance triathlon in June 2017, I approached BF as I wanted to embark on an Ironman challenge and I knew I couldn’t plan this alone.

BF Services: Online Coaching [GOLD] and Performance DIET-FIX.

Achievements: In July 2017, with the help of BF, we agreed a long-term plan, with shorter term goals which would get me from where I was to where I wanted be. After following BF’s training plan, diligently and consistently, I was elated to PB by 2 hours on IM Weymouth 70.3 and 2.5 hours at the Cotswolds 113.

Goals: For the coming 2019 season I have entered IM Mallorca 70.3 and IM Sweden, which will be my first full iron distance triathlon and hopefully, if all goes to plan, I hope to enter Ironman Wales one day.

Mark James

Mark James


Background: Having lived the lifestyle of a travelling salesman for the past 20 years, my ever expanding waistline, combined with bouts of wheezing every time I went up a set of stairs prompted me into buying a bike and sorting myself out. From being super fit and half decent at Water Polo when I was younger to taking up sport again has not come easy, and excuses at my age are plentiful.

Sport: Cyclist. From being super fit and half decent at Water Polo when I was younger to taking up sport again has not come easy, and excuses at my age are plentiful.

BF Services: Online Coaching [GOLD].

Achievements: I  have been working with Beth and BFunctional for a few years and I have made massive improvements both on and off the bike. It has been life changing in many respects. I have personalised structured training plans that are both realistic and sustainable whilst taking the work life balance into account and I really enjoy Team BF group activities.

Goals: I regularly enter sportives and you will find me riding around the Usk and Wye Valley’s most weekends tackling as many hills as I can find. My big goal is to compete in the 7 day Haute Route Pyrenees August 2019.

Richard Mansell

Richard Mansell


Background: I started running in 2011 after realising how unhealthy I had become and with new technology I could easily see and monitor progress

Sport: Triathlon. I ran my first half marathon in 2012, first marathon in 2014, first ultra in 2015, first duathlon in 2016, first 100m run and first tri in 2017 and first IRONMAN in 2018. I now have run 44 marathons or longer .

BF Services: Online Coaching [SILVER] and Swim Analysis.

Achievements: When I met with Beth in Jan 2018 it just clicked. The philosophy of dream big, set goals and take action just resonated. This combined with Beth’s personal approach and understanding I have a pretty full on job, 2 young children and a very understanding wife that I want and need to balance with my goals. I have to flex schedules and training.

I love being involved in Team BF, similar athletes with similar goals who are dreaming big and trying to be the best they can be. I enjoy the philosophy, people, training and events so it’s pretty cool really!

Goals: IRONMAN Hamburg…..and the rest!

Alison James

Alison James


Background: Married with two adult children

Sport: Swimming.

BF Services: Online Coaching [GOLD] and Active DIET-FIX.

Achievements: Started competitive swimming as a 10 year old and became swimming club captain for years as well as a life guard in my school and college holidays . Continued swimming through university representing British universities . Was able to keep my job as lifeguard and swimming instructor in holidays and when finished university spent a summer teaching children at summer camp in Vermont USA.  Kept swimming only occasionally after starting work and family life. 

Goals: Only last December went along to a tester class with BF and although never being a gym bunny decided to join up for one to one sessions which I love . This has given me an  incentive to stay fitter and  renewed interest back in swimming. My goal this year is to try open  water swimming if I can stop myself doing tumble turns after every 25metres!!! I'm proud to be an ambassador and part of the BF vision.

Beth Fowler

Beth Fowler

Triathlete, Coach & Boss!

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