2017 Attitude & Actions: Rule of 3!

3 seconds: Appreciate daily someone who does something you take for granted. Compliment them, magnify their strengths not their weaknesses.

3 minutes: Reflect & plan daily. Sometimes you have to step back to see that you’re moving forward in the right direction. Ideally during your coffee break!

3 hours: Work harder than you did yesterday. A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Work hard in blocks then take 3 minutes to reflect & plan.

3 sessions:  Give all new classes/sessions 3 opportunities. If trying a new fitness class or training method, attempt it 3 times to determine if it’s effective for you.

3 days: Drinking 2 litres of water a day. The benefits are increased energy levels, healthy skin, weight loss and of course your body needs it to perform optimally. Your body and mind will thank you!

3 weeks: Clean drinking and eating, no fancy crash diets, just holding onto a balanced, nutritious and exciting diet. It’s not a  short term DIET, it’s a long term lifestyle change to HEALTHY EATING.

3 months: Give all training programs 3 months, be that focussing on endurance, strength, flexibility, sport-specific, etc. By which time short-term physiological gains will begin to develop in the muscular, nervous and cardio-respiratory systems. Hence why I always say to all new clients, there is a minimum sign-up period of 3 months, although no high expectations for major transformations, there should be some improvements.

3 years: Time required for long term & challenging goals, such as an IRONMAN, Channel Swim, Ultra Marathons, Adventure challenges, etc. The body and mind require Long Term Athlete Development, here at BFunctional that is the premise for all athletes.

There is no quick fix, instead patience, hard work, progression and determination will ensure goals are reached. Training long term involves many layers, adding various fitness components, technique and recovery….the mapping out of this is essential to avoid over-training, peaking too early or not achieving your goal. BFunctional provides coaching that is scientific, athlete-centric and knowledge-based.

One life, one chance. There are only two options this year, which will you decide?

1. Make progress, OR;
2. Make excuses


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