100% Bespoke Coaching

BFunctional has a refreshed and personal feel to all the training programs provided to the long-standing Team BF athletes.

Specialising in Sprint, Olympic, 70.3, IRONMAN, Half Marathon & Marathon.

The heart of these programs delivered via Training Peaks is ‘Workout Builder’, which dynamically adds Individual training targets and zone values to each workout built.

Not only will each BF athlete see their individual training targets and zones for each workout through the daily workout e-mail reminders and mobile notifications, they will also see a visual representation of the workout within the web and mobile apps. They will quickly be able to see the workout elements like warm up, main set and cool down.

Instead of reading through lengthy descriptions just to get a sense of what is prescribed, they can upload this to their device/watch, which will then instruct them what to do when! #TeamBF #FunctionalTraining