1-2-1 Coaching


BFunctional clients use our services for more than just losing weight or in completing an IRONMAN. They hire BF to develop a stronger mindset and to learn what truly works best for them by providing weekly programs, sessions, classes and consultations that allow them to build a sustainable lifestyle over time.

BFunctional continues to evolve, and the renewed mindsets of the clients have made for the most exciting month that I’ve ever had as a coach. I have seen some amazing people make incredibly rapid transformations that pay tribute to their dedication and willingness to immerse themselves into the BF services, vision and values. #BFamily #TeamBF

Program design IS NOT one size fits all and it’s important to have a plan that is built for YOU.

Athletic is Aesthetic.
Fit is Functional.

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1-2-1 PAYG


1-2-1 Session 

1 Hour


1-2-1 BLOCK

£280/4 Weeks

2 Sessions p/week

Functional Movement Screening

Rolling Blocks

£35 per session


£360/4 Weeks

2 x 1-2-1 Sessions p/week

2 x BF Classes p/week

Body Composition Analysis

Functional Movement Screening

DIET-FIX 28 Day Nutrition Program 

Custom Training Sessions

Online Support Group

Coach Support

Free Consultation Screening

*£22.50 per session.

**The 2 1-2-1 sessions and 2 classes must be used within that week and not rolled into the next.

***Following completion of this program individuals may wish to drop down to the 1-2-1 Coaching Block

All services are valid for 1 month from purchase date.

What we expect?

– Commitment from yourself to the process
– Follow the training plan and nutrition guide lines [BODY-FIX]
– 100% effort every training session

What results you can expect?

– Improved Body Composition
– Increased quality of life
– More Energy
– Enhanced sleep quality
– Enhanced physique
– Increased muscle mass
– Lower body fat levels
– Enhanced strength
– Learn new skills

Why take-on the BODY-FIX?

Body Transformation [improve body shape for the Summer or date]
Performance [physical and body-composition preparation for an event]
Intense Re-Hab Program [collaboration with a physiotherapist in addressing physical capability & nutrition focus]
– Training with a Coach that is passionate and determined to reach your potential