Performance Coaching:

“It was a great day. Had to give myself a good talking to once or twice! But on the whole I rode really well. Was strong on the hills and finished really well and had even though it was 22.30 in the evening my legs were still strong enough to continue on if i had to.

I know that i could not have even contemplated a solo ride like that pre Christmas and I’m really grateful for your help and genuine support. My performance is really transformational.The Dragon Ride should now be a breeze! BFunctional rocks! Go big or go home!” [Mark, 2017. Road Cyclist]
“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work and effort you have put in over the last twelve months, without you I don’t think I would have achieved the sub 14 hour IM which was my main goal for 2016. Your committment and enthusiasum is the best I have ever seen and you are a credit to your profession.” [Nigel, 2016. IRONMAN Wales]

“Ironman Barcelona, it’s been an absolute pleasure. I owe a big thanks to Bethan Fowler and the BF community. Thanks for believing in me and my goals, listening to my concerns and being empathetic and constructive throughout year regarding my injuries. Your guidance provided me with the foundations and mental tenacity I needed to take on Ironman Barcelona. I am forever thankful and glad to have had you as part of my journey.” [Kirsty, 2016. IRONMAN Barcelona]

“Just want to say a big shout out to Beth. I know due to back injury I have laid of the training plan for a couple of months, but without the foundations built up previous I would have not been able to complete or smash my IM PB by 70 min. The BF community is something special which I kinda knew but Barcelona has just bumped that up several more notches. Well done to everyone and here is to the next venture what ever it may bring.” [Clive, 2016. IRONMAN Barcelona]

“Beth has coached me to my recent PB at IMW and numerous PB’s and Course PB’s at other triathlon distances. Without her guidance I wouldn’t have achieved this and I have no doubt I will have a great 2017 under her tutelage and will achieve my long and short term goals.”  [Jon, 2016. IRONMAN Triathlete]

“In just 12 months I have exceeded all my personal goals including a middle distance triathlon, an achievement which I only dreamed about.

Beth has always believed in me, supported, challenged, encouraged and been there during the highs and the lows and shown me that anything is possible with excellent coaching and a commitment to training.  I am excited about the future and know that with Beth as my coach I will go from strength to strength!!” [Gill, 2016. Middle Distance Triathlete & Runner]

“In 2014, having partially retired, I resolved to use my extra free time to work toward my triathlon dreams. On the recommendations of two fellow triathletes, I signed up with Beth. 2 years later I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Beth’s well balanced training programme helped me to work on my weaknesses (slow swim and lack of bike confidence) while maintaining my run strength, leading to age group success and qualification for the 2015 Ironman World Championships. Beth’s knowledge and guidance on strength, conditioning, and training volume and intensity is now enabling me to improve my times at shorter triathlon distances, while working toward ultra-running ambitions as well – and most importantly, enjoying my training and remaining injury-free! Beth’s unfailing positivity and the support and encouragement from Beth herself and the great online community she has built up, motivate and inspire me daily. Thank you Coach Fowler for a new lease of sporting life!”  [Fiona, 2016. Triathlete and Ultra-Runner]

“Bethan Fowler is a fabulous coach whose unfailing belief in each and everyone of her athletes is amazing!  Her tailored coaching ensures sustained and continued growth across disciplines whilst her mentoring and coaching supports you to believe in yourself and gets you through your down days.  Simply put, Beth is amazing! [Charlie, 2016. IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlete]

“Through meticulous planning, understanding my motivations and developing race specific strategies Beth has ensured I achieved my goals for 2016. It’s been an incredible journey and one which I am excited to continue under the guidance and friendship of Coach Fowler” [Dan, 2016. IRONMAN Triathlete]

“I joined BFunctional in November 2015 with the view of completing my 1st 70.3 triathlon. After a couple of drinks at the BFunctional Christmas social my goal quickly changed to my 1st ever Ironman!

I’ve had a really successful year, with pb’s for 5km, half marathon and marathon and I’ve completed triathlon distances I never thought achievable.

This was all down to Beth’s structured training programmes, support and encouragement. Whatever your goal Beth will help you achieve it!” [Oliver, 2016. IRONMAN Triathlete]

“Going into Ironman Wales 2016 I had a monkey on my back having not finished in 2014. It was a long process getting ready for it including doing Ironman UK in 2015 but each stage had been carefully planned for me. Each one made me fitter and stronger and on the eve of the race I knew that I was capable. The only thing that was going to stop me was the uncontrollable, I was ready! On the day the swim and bike were perfect, proof that all the hard work was paying off. Things didn’t quite go to plan on the run but when things went bad, Beth was there and still cheering me on all the way. In the end, I got it done and despite my run problems still got a PB. That just shows that Beth knows what she’s doing that even the unexpected didn’t stop me. I wouldn’t trust my training with anyone else.” [Huw, 2016. IRONMAN Triathlete]

“Well that’s my season over. I have to say what an absolute pleasure it has been to meet those of you that I did, and to have followed your journeys on this page. Inspiring stuff!
If you are thinking about getting Performance or Personal training from BF I can highly recommend it. I’m no stellar athlete, (bang average in fact) but I had significant PB’s made this year under Bethan’s tutelage in all these;

5K RUN  
SWIM 400mtrs
SWIM 2.4miles
New Longest Ride
New Longest Continual Swim 

This is amidst a busy schedule of four 70.3’s in a month. Another 70.3 in June and then two Iron distance races in seven weeks and umpteen mountain half marathons and trail races. Whatever your goal Bethan can get you through it.

Keep smiling, it’s your hobby, it’s meant to be fun.” [Rich, 2016. IRONMAN Triathlete]

“I went to Beth to get my swimming stroke analysed. The analysis was fantastic! Beth has a state of the art setup for carrying out this service. Her enthusiasm for swimming and triathlon is second to none. Beth stressed the positives in my swimming stroke first, before simplifying how I can improve. Her approach to teaching is excellent and I will be recommending this service going forward.” [Ross, 2015]

“Just thought I’d drop you a line to say how much help the swim analysis has been to my recent swim training. Being able to see my stroke on screen was amazing and really helped with understanding where the weaknesses lie. After weeks of doing the set drills I did some time trials and a CSS and I was over the moon with the results. Today I had a short set that included three 400mtrs and came under 7 minutes for all three including a 6:48(PB).” [Rich, 2015]

“Thanks for the swim analysis, I can’t believe how much difference the session has made. My splits times have improved significantly. Feeling far more confident about getting a decent swim split, definitely the best £60 I have spent on triathlon.” [Andy, 2015]

“This is my 2nd season of training with Bethan and the BFUNCTIONAL  community. Last year Beth helped me to take an hour of my Ironman Wales time from the previous year. This year  I am following a mixed marathon and half-ironman programme. Bethan has specifically designed my training programme to best assist me in achieving these diverse goals across the season and her tailored approach and unfailingly positivity never fails to get me out of door and training with a smile on my face (mostly).
The BFUNCTIONAL community of athletes on Facebook and other social media provides great support as well.
The high quality race kit I have purchased looks and feels great and I am proud to be part of a positive and engaged community of like minded individuals drawn together, coached, inspired and guided by a remarkable and knowledgeable coach and friend.
We never fail to train with Beth at our side and we never fail to laugh, smile and enjoy it”. [Gareth, 2015]

“As an ex smoking one off Ironman Wales 2014 charity entrant I cannot recommend the services of Beth Fowler of BFunctional highly enough. In October 2013 had never been clipped into a road bike before. I certainly had not done a triathlon and had not run more than 6 miles in one go.  Beth had every confidence in me and guided me through the process. She increased my endurance over the months in a structured and calculated manner making it possible to achieve things that I did not think were possible in less than a year. By the summer of 2014 I was cycling over 100 miles and running for 3 hours nonstop while feeling strong and injury free. I stood on the start line of Ironman Wales confident that I had done the right training and that I had the right race strategy and nutrition plan. I am proud to say that I completed the course in 13 Hours and 27 minutes. I have no doubt that I would not have achieved this without Beth on my shoulder. I am very grateful for all of the encouragement, support and planning that enabled me to achieve my goal. If you are looking for a coach look no further. Thank you Beth. “ [Nick, Cardiff. Ironman Wales. 2014]

“Sensai, boss, coach Bethan Fowler when I met you a year ago I think you must of thought I was crazy, I am glad that opinion still hasn’t changed. Many doubted my ability to get around but through your strong belief. You must have the mental strength of a Buddhist monk putting up with me, Nick and El forever taking the p*** and trying to swap sessions for surf. I couldn’t think of a better coach to get you through this event and I would recommend her services to any one, your predicted timings were spot on. I was weighing up at  the start of the year whether to get a new bike or coach and I am so glad I decided on taking the coach path!” [Nick. Ironman Wales, 2014]

“My coach, Bethan Fowler, who answered more stupid questions than any person should have to. She has always been ready to give advice when needed and her coaching ultimately enabled me get over that finish line. If you’re looking for a coach I can’t recommend her enough.” [Elliot. Ironman Wales, 2014. 94th Overall.]

“Quads are in bits, back is sore, calves are complaining and I am grinning like a Cheshire Cat!!! 1 hour improvement over last years Ironman Wales time. What more could you ask for? Great quality programme that really works.” [Gareth. Ironman Wales, 2014]

Personal Training:

Kathy shared her PT experience following recent participation in the Race for Life event….”Well what can I say I had a great time and I cannot believe I am saying that! I have always hated anything sporty, all my life I have avoided it. Now, it’s when can I do it again. It’s all down to you with the training and the encouragement and your ‘can do’ attitude I am really grateful for all you have done for me. It’s not a big deal for most people but for me it’s huge.

Unbelievably, I enjoyed the whole experience, even though I was glad to see the finish line I have to say. At the end there were more people behind me than in front .

Please tell any ladies or gents of maybe a better vintage that you may be working with that it really is never too late to reach a goal. If you remember you asked me what my goals were when we first met and I said, to get fitter ..check, to lose weight…check but still a work in progress, and to run a mile without collapsing and asking for my mother….check with bells on !!

You are very very good at what you do. I know that I am only at the start of my fitness journey but now I want to be there . So thanks again for everything…and when I can I sign up for this Iron Man thing it can’t be that hard ….can it ?!!

Kathy the proud owner of her first medal for running when it didn’t involve shops!! [Kathy, 2015]

“I have had personal training with Beth now for 6 months. During this time Beth has delivered bespoke training plans and sessions to enable me to reach my specific goals. The sessions have all been varied and fresh using a combination of training techniques, they have also been delivered with professionalism, empathy and best of all good humour. Each session was challenging but totally achievable giving me confidence to progress each time to the next level.

I have lost 2 stone, gone down two dress sizes and now have new levels of energy. From a fitness point of view I completed my first obstacle course after 4 months of training and have a new goal of running a half marathon by the end of the year. When I first started training with Beth I was unable to run for more than 5 mins now my lifestyle has totally changed and can now be seen regularly running outside locally.

The Personal training Beth offers goes far beyond your sessions, her motivation and support is there 24 hours a day 7 days a week, motivational messages and tips are in constant flow and whatever journey of fitness your are on you are aware that Beth is with you and are totally inspired!” [Sheree, 2015]

“Bethan has provided the knowledge, expertise and encouragement I needed to re-vamp my training programme.  Having been a regular runner and gym-user, I had become stuck in a rut with my training.  Beth has injected a much needed challenge with a varied programme including TRX, weights and high intensity sessions on a one-to-one basis.  I have seen huge improvements with increased strength, stamina and weight loss ( 12lbs lost in 3 months ).  My weekly sessions are tailored to my individual needs and have increased in intensity each week.  Beth is motivational and passionate about what she does- you can’t help but be inspired!” [Alison, 2015].

“I strongly recommend the BFunctional  PT program of which I have completed 10 sessions tailored specifically to me.  The variety of exercises and attention to detail made the whole experience extremely enjoyable and rewarding for me.  The result is I am more confident and my physical and mental strength, flexibility and sharpness are significantly improved. Now much fitter in my 40s which is what my ultimate goal was! [Steve, Cardiff aka Wreck it Ralph! 2014].

IM Wales Familiarisation Camp:

Thank you for a top weekend. Really enjoyed the training. Thoughtfully put together and really professionally delivered. Its not that, that was the impressive thing. I know you had a bit of a ribbing over the weekend but your unfailingly positive attitude, individual approach and happy smiling faces made it a great weekend. We (fat dads and others) do this for “fun” and to try and be better people. You make it enjoyable and emphasise peoples achievements and positive gains[Gareth Beck, 2014].

Beth/BF/Miss Fowler/Pauline/Coach/Boss/Badger and anything else you’ve been called on the weekend! I really enjoyed the weekend. Your experience has been invaluable, especially in ways to get through the nightmare that is about to ensue. An enjoyable and rewarding experience for me. Expertise available on all 3 disciplines, including how to achieve smooth and penalty free transitions!

Training was hard but achievable and by the end of the weekend we had covered 3/4 distance in both bike and run, which for me is a great confidence boost.

BF will get in your head, give you tips on how feed off the energy around you, and make you believe your Ironman dream is achievable“. [Chris Adams, 2014].

I wanted to say a BIG thank you to you for a well structured and informed weekend, I really enjoyed being part of such a very special group. As I said yesterday I came with some apprehension and worries that I may of bitten off more then I could chew, but on Sunday I came away with, feeling stronger, positive and with all my concerns erased and that in part is down to you“. [Derren Richardson, 2014].

Thank you Bethan for a brilliant IRONMAN Wales Training weekend this weekend. You did an amazing job of getting us around the swim, bike and run routes over the 3 days. Answering our questions and giving your advice and knowledge from your own experience of doing the race Beth.

You were positive and cheery, open and honest and I for one valued every minute. An extremely worthwhile weekend and very professionally run. Bring on September 14[Beckie Comins, 2014].