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BFunctional Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching Endurance Sports
£80Per Month
Bespoke ATP
Weekly Training Program
Regular Benchmark & Zone Tests
Functional Strength Program [remote]
Functional Pre-Hab Program [remote]
Annual Consultation [season review & plan]
Coach Check-In [monthly]
Race Day Strategies [Pace,Nutrition, Hydration]
Pre & Post Race Consult
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The coach-athlete partnership is based on trust and a large amount of investment in time and effort on both sides. Coaching is both an art and a science. In order to achieve a ‘Pathway to Complete Performance‘ the athlete will follow the BFunctional ‘Blueprint of Training’, which involves implementing a dynamic plan that is comprised of the following key areas:

It simply takes the time to plan off your hands and delivered by a Coach that cares about your training process and race ambitions. Nothing is copied from a book, the process is driven by your goals, together with your commitments and variables on the journey!

If you’re seeking the ‘Pathway to Complete Performance’ then please contact BFunctional