Performance Nutrition


Designed to enhance athletic performance, fitness levels, competitive capacity and body composition by giving the body the correct foods and nutrients it requires.

Whether training for an IRONMAN, ultra-run or sportive, this program will ensure you stay strong from the training right through to the finish line.

The program includes:

* 8-week Nutrition Program based on Functional Fueling
* Metabolic Assessment: Posture & Lean Screen
* Goal Setting & Tracking
* LIBRO App: Client tracks food & exercise
* Nutritics Analysis Software: Diet & exercise analysis
* Address nutrient & vitamin deficiencies
* 7 Day Meal Plan
* Competition Guidance
* Education | Support
* Final Report

The program benefits:

• Fuelling for fat loss | endurance | strength
• Fuelling to compete | complete
• Structure for training & competition
• Reduce fat mass
• Improve power to weight ratio

If your nutrition is already on-point, then perfect, you’re a step ahead of the game! But if you do not have this in-check then the Performance Nutrition Program will help!


“Exercise is King. Nutrition is Queen. Put them together and you have a Kingdom”

Jack Lalanne



As a Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor, I utilise science-based tools available to my clients through the Nutritics Nutrition Analysis Software and App to pinpoint the unique needs of each individual and provide personalised nutrition program.


When I take on a client for an 8-week Sport/Health Nutrition program, it requires commitment from the client in order to experience positive improvements. You will get my personal support throughout the duration of the 8 weeks to ensure we implement the strategies and follow up on your fitness goals.