BFunctional aims to provide the functional tools in the quest for improvement in health, performance and life!

Sport, training, education and health has been an integral part of my life both professionally [P.E. teacher] and personally. I have competed in a variety of sports and training modalities, with many highs including competing as a Professional IRONMAN Triathlete. I continue to compete in various endurance events across the globe.

I am driven intrinsically by the physical and mental challenges associated with training, competing, recovering and fuelling!

The athletes I coach share the same traits, whether they are aiming to complete a challenge or compete, these traits are the magic ingredients:

• Consistency

• Discipline

• Hard Work

• Grit

• Competitiveness

The Blueprint Of Performance [BoP] has evolved from continued education, research, athletic and coaching experience. By arming each BF athlete with access to all areas of the Blueprint they will be robust, resilient and given the best opportunity to flourish.


The services aim to enhance athletic performance | fitness levels | competitive capacity | body composition | health and well-being.


Therefore, the body and mind require Long Term Athlete Development, here at BFunctional that is the premise for all athletes. There is no quick fix, instead patience, hard work, progression and determination will ensure goals are reached. Training long term involves many layers, adding various fitness components, technique and recovery. The overall mapping of this is essential to ensure athletes peak at the correct time and achieve their goal. BFunctional provides coaching that is scientific, athlete-centric and knowledge-based.

If you’re seeking the ‘Complete Performance’ then please contact BFunctional.