The premise of the BFunctional services is FUNCTIONAL and HOLISTIC i.e. provide a complete service that has a positive transfer to health and performance of the athlete’s daily tasks, their occupation, their performance and for improved resilience to injury.

My philosophy and one that I aim to instil in all athletes is to strive for peak performance through balanced and progressive training. If we do the same thing, day after day, season after season then expect the same outcome, times, etc.

Therefore, the body and mind require Long Term Athlete Development, here at BFunctional that is the premise for all athletes. There is no quick fix, instead patience, hard work, progression and determination will ensure goals are reached. Training long term involves many layers, adding various fitness components, technique and recovery. The overall mapping of this is essential to ensure athletes peak at the correct time and achieve their goal. BFunctional provides coaching that is scientific, athlete-centric and knowledge-based.

The services are based on the ‘Pathway to Complete Performance‘, for every level of athlete this arrives from a balanced approach to training. The backbone of this has evolved from Beth’s education, athletic and coaching experience. This is the foundation of every BFunctional service [Performance Coaching, Performance Analysis & Testing, Performance Nutrition and Personal Training].

The coaching is delivered through Training Peaks, while implementing the key areas [endurance training, recovery, nutrition and functional strength].

If you’re seeking the ‘Complete Performance’ then please contact BFunctional.